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Turn your mobile into a walkie-talkie
Viper is an expert in professional Push-To-Talk technolog



It is easy

Our solution turns your mobile into a walkie-talkie. With the press of one button, you can talk in groups or one-on-one. The groups can be as big as you like and they can communicate with each other. The solution works with all mobile operators. You can also connect computers and regular intercoms to the group.


 A Reliable Solution


We have been developing the technology and functionality of Push-To-Talk technology over the mobile network for several years.


We launched our first solution for Scandinavian Airlines in 2006. Our service meets all the requirements of professional users.


As you communicate over your existing mobile network, we guarantee both high security (our service can also be encrypted) and availability. Voice quality is the best available on the market.



A cost-effective solution


Our Push-To-Talk solution is cost-effective for several reasons. The most obvious is that you don’t need to invest in a costly extension of your radio system to communicate over the existing mobile network. Another advantage is that you don’t need to invest in expensive equipment. All you need is your mobile phone and the accessories that make it easy to use Push To Talk.



Centralized Web-Based Admin


A big difference between our solution and many basic Push-To-Talk solutions is that you handle all administration centrally on the web. This means you can add new groups and contact lists at any time. You also decide who should belong to each group. Plus, you can quickly add new and temporary users.





The most obvious function of Push To Talk is that group members can communicate with each other quickly and efficiently using your existing mobile network. But our service has several other functions:

Alarm (good for guards, for example)

Queue function (so that a guard can rely on getting through to an emergency service centre, for example)

Position (so you can see where someone has sounded the alarm)

Connection to an ordinary phone

Radio integration (our service can also be connected to an ordinary intercom using the radio network)

You get going fast...

Getting started is easy

All you need is a Viper subscription and a smartphone. The subscription fee is based on the number of users and selected functions. In addition, we also offer equipment for your smartphone that makes Push To Talk easier.

We offer complete packages with both phone and equipment.

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