We help industries solve problems in groups

Our solution is useful in all industries where two or more people need to communicate with each other quickly and simply to solve a problem, wherever they are.

Security industry

Is there any other industry more associated with the walkie-talkie than the security industry? But the radio network has severe limitations in this industry. It is expensive to expand and also gives limited functionality. These limitations do not affect our solution as we communicate over the existing mobile network. There is freedom to expand the business without having to consider limitations in the intercom radio’s coverage or costly investments. Our Push-To-Talk solution is adapted to the specific requirements of the security industry. There are functions for alarms,  “man-down”, central administration of groups, queuing etc.

Airline industry

This is where it all began. SAS wanted to find a solution to shorten their turnaround time – the time from the plane landing to it taking off again. Every extra minute a plane stands on the ground costs big money. The problem for the airlines is that the cockpit cannot communicate with the ground crew doing loading, check-in, de-icing and refuelling etc. All these professional groups normally communicate via the radio system. The pilots, who don’t have a walkie-talkie, have to shout through the window.

As our solution can be integrated with existing radio systems (which are common at airports) it is enough to equip the cockpit with a mobile phone so that everyone can communicate with each other. SAS have shortened their turnaround times significantly and the solution is described as “the most profitable investment made in the Group”


Construction industry

On large construction sites there are many professional groups that need effective communication. Being able to create groups that can talk to each other without being dependent on a radio network, or special equipment such as a walkie-talkie, means large cost-savings, both in time and money. Equipping a construction or infrastructure project with radio communication solutions is often costly. An investment that is useless when the project is complete. Our solution meets all the requirements of the construction industry. You get going fast and can easily add users, including temporary users such as subcontractors and freight forwarders. A mobile phone is the only equipment needed. As you communicate over the existing mobile network, flexibility is unbeatable and you don’t need to invest in building radio networks.


Other industry

Our Push-To-Talk solution is suitable for all industries where you need to quickly solve a problem in a group. Since nearly everyone has a smartphone today, this is a highly cost-effective way to improve communication in groups. The forwarding business is an excellent example where coordination and good communication are vital. Healthcare services and cleaning services are other areas that benefit greatly from our solution.